Ripoff # 1: Unbelievably low price. To some degree, all of us are attracted by a low price because
we want to work within a budget. Professional window tinter's use a commercial grade, scratch
resistant, UV reflective window film. There are several good brands available on the market today.
Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of poor, inferior quality product available to tinting retailers at a
much cheaper price. A lot of the less than honest tinter's use the poor quality film to save money
and increase their profit. Poor quality film tends to de-laminate and change color, scratches very
easily and usually doesn’t come with any type of warranty against that. The best way to protect
yourself against this type of rip-off is ask to see a written copy of the warranty, and find out what it

Ripoff # 2: Bait and switch. Some window tinter's like to use price as the bait for their false and
misleading advertising. They offer a cheap price, (also know as "the bait"). It's often somewhere
between $75 and $99 per car. Once you’re in their store however, they tell you the price quoted was
only for two or three windows, not the entire car!  Then, they’ll pressure you into paying more than
you originally thought you’d have to (also known as "the switch"). It’s almost as if you were buying
a car and found you were being charged extra for the tires and the steering wheel. Professional
quality window tinting is inexpensive when you consider all the benefits, but it’s not as cheap as
some unethical tinter's and shop owners would like you to believe. Protect yourself by getting a
quote in writing.  
Remember do your research, if a price sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Ripoff # 3: Unsupported claims like "Our window tinting is the best." You’ll read this in almost every
ad. You’ll hear this from almost every window tinting company. Remember this: The window tinting
company that's right for you is the one that will give you the best value for your money. Protect
yourself by requesting to see some of their work. Ethical shops will have many to show you. What
their past customers say about them is a far more important (and believable) than what they say
about themselves.

Ripoff # 4: Here today, gone tomorrow tinting companies: Unfortunately, there are more than one in
this area. It’s not uncommon that this industry tends to attract its share of undesirable, IE: tinter's
that are interested in doing nothing more than applying the cheapest material on your car at the
maximum price you’ll pay -- often with a "too good to be true" lifetime guarantee. Months later when
they go out of business, they leave you stuck when you have a problem… and the chances are
very high you will have a problem. Find out how many years they've been in the automotive tinting
business.  What's their track record? How do they handle problems? Is the store neat and clean?
Are the salespeople properly attired and are they helpful? Does the store appear professional and
appear like it'll be around in a year or so? If not, it may not be.
Common Ripoffs